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Where SEO and AI meet. Become part of the Wope community.

PizzaHut Case Study

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Average Position Improvement


Non-Brand Keyword Performance









Overall Outcomes
Non-Brand Outcomes
Keyword: Pizza


In a concerted effort to elevate Pizza Hut's search rankings, Inveon partnered with Wope, targeting a move from average mid-range positions into the coveted upper echelons. The synergy between Inveon's technical knowledge and Wope's advanced analytics facilitated a seamless shift from client-side to server-side rendering, without the need for a platform overhaul. Opting for Wope's robust analysis over traditional tools Inveon could delve deeper into the competitive landscape and keyword nuances.

A series of targeted on-page and technical SEO initiatives, informed by Wope's data-driven insights, aimed to optimize traffic from phrase and broad keywords.

Project Overall Outcomes

This partnership led to a 67% improvement in Pizza Hut's overall average keyword positions within a notable 20-day period, demonstrating the dynamic impact of the joint effort on Pizza Hut's digital footprint.

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Project Outcomes (Non-Brand)

When isolating non-brand keywords, the collaboration delivered a 78% surge in average positions for generic keywords, underscoring the effectiveness of the SEO strategy crafted by Inveon with Wope's analytical support.

Despite the interplay between Google search ads and organic results affecting direct organic traffic, the significant advancement in keyword positions is a positive byproduct of a strategic, comprehensive marketing approach.

The data underpinning these achievements come straight from Wope, leveraging its status as one of the industry's most forward-thinking keyword tracking tools.

Pizza Hut Reader Item Image

Most-Competitive Keyword: Exact Match "Pizza"

In the realm of the hotly contested exact match keyword "pizza," the alliance saw a 54% ascent in keyword positioning. This metric reflects the nuances of Google's personalized search results and affirms the strategic campaign's accuracy orchestrated by Inveon with Wope's technological aid.

The collaboration with Wope resulted in a marked percentage growth in search engine rankings across a broad set of keywords.


Average Position Improvement


Non-Brand Keyword Performance

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Can I organize and collaborate on projects with my team?

Yes, Wope makes collaboration easy. You can add team members to projects, @mention colleagues in comments, and share customizable reports.

What reporting and alerts can I set up in Wope?

Wope has robust reporting with customizable dashboards. You can also configure real-time email and in-app alerts on rankings, competitors, seasonal keywords, and more.

How often does Wope update rankings?

Rankings are updated multiple times per day to provide real-time visibility. You can also view historical rankings down to the day to analyze performance over time.

Does Wope offer any free trial or demo?

Yes, Wope offers a 14-day free trial with full access and no credit card required. This allows you to test drive the platform at no risk.

Can I track international or multilingual keywords with Wope?

Absolutely. Wope provides localization support for tracking keywords and rankings globally in 100+ countries and languages.


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